Silly Old Goat!

Silly Old Goat!
Name the babies

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The summer is still here in central France, we had a few days that were colder, but today it is truly tropical.

The goat kids are growing well and onto 1.25 bottles, 4 times per day. They are nibbling at everything and anything, including rubber boots, stones, the dog!

This is our local Mayors  office in the village of Monts sur Guesnes. It is also the tourist office, library and has rooms for wedding ceremonies.

Just behind our home is the Ligne Vert which is an unused railway line. You can cycle, walk your dogs and ride horses here.

There are still wild sweet peas growing and the dew was still on the spiders webs when I took this photo.

This last photo is of an amazing ant nest, you can see from the grass just how big this really is. A fantastic engineering miracle from such tiny creatures.

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