Silly Old Goat!

Silly Old Goat!
Name the babies

Sunday, 22 September 2013

New born kids

9th September 2013 was a special day for at least two reasons.

No.1 My birthday.
No.2 our goat kids were born.

I had 'pre-ordered' the kids from a local farmer, I said I didn't mind what colour or size, I just wanted two females.

On the 11th September I went to collect them from the goat farm. It produces milk for the goat cheese business. There are about 200 nanny goats there and most of had birthed their kids.

I was handed two wriggling bundles and popped them into a moving carton. 
Dear Mr Farmer gave me 5ltr of milk which was all first milk, rich in colostrum and said I could go back for more as I needed it over the next two weeks.

So first night was spent in the box, in the kitchen (well where else!) and then I moved them to the outbuilding.

So I have a question still - what to call them?
Both females, one pink nose, one brown nose. Pink nose is smaller and shorter than brown nose.

Give me your best, polite and child friendly names please.

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  1. So cute! Well the first thing that popped into my mind was Pinky and Brain :)

    What a lovely birthday present Julie.