Silly Old Goat!

Silly Old Goat!
Name the babies

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Growing rapidly, in training, silly old goats!

They are still very cute, growing nicely, and have learned something already!  At night they get a bottle of milk last thing. They only get it once they are 'in bed', in the out building. Now when I say 'go to bed', they make a bee-line for it, where as before they did typical goat baby stuff and twined in an out of my knees, making walking slow, and at times dangerous. 

I have plans to do lots of goat training once they are a bit bigger. Food rewarded, natural behaviours. I hope to teach them to climb, jump, race, all on command, and if I can manage I will be holding goat races with teddy jockeys next summer. 

I have seen sheep jockeys and think it is just so funny.

Enjoy some more photos. You can see the little horns starting to grow through, one has dark horns, the other is lighter. 

Yes there is a HUGE snail, they are called Burgundy snails  helix pomatia
and apparently good to eat - not my thing though!

The goats will be named officially this weekend , thanks to all who participated in offering suggestions.


  1. Funny your sense of humour, Julie. The sheep races are hilarious. My daughter lives in Yorkshire and I have often made outings to Cannon Hall.

  2. Very cute! Looks like you're having fun with them.